Pure Market provides our valued Clients with a perfect opportunity to benefit from a number of free tools which can help to improve your trading strategy and maximize your trading experience with a real STP Broker.

Super Trader Package (30 Tools)

The use of our Tools can facilitate a trader’s life greatly as they help to manage your position and optimise your Trading Strategy. Our main goal is to enhance your trading experience with us and make it as comfortable as possible.

The package includes more than 30 Exclusive Tools to improve your trading experience with the help of our Manual as well as Video Tutorial.

List Of Tools In The Package

How do I get access to free tools?

  • Register
  • Deposit 1000 EUR/USD and above
  • In order to get the access to the Tools you need to have a minimum of 10 lots traded round turn each month.
Below some interesting tools included in the package:

Net Change

Price Line EA

Reply Trade

Volume Delta Panel

Slide Trend

Market Pressure Dashboard


Trend Dashboard

Volume Scalping DashBoard

Initial Balance Target Strategy

Delta Single Volume

Navigator FX

Volume Spyke


Info Panel Market

Algo Zones

One Click FX Panel



Price Action Dash Board

Power Strength

Zoom Price

Volume POC

Best And Worst

Master Phi

View Break Out Dashboard

Price Trend Light

Open Line

Risk Reward Indicator

Box Chart

DAX Scalping Bracket

Slide Chart

Market Pressure

OCO News Order Manager

Market Statistics

Bid Ask Level

BUY and SELL Panel.


Master Trend Dashboard is a new generation indicator, compact, light and efficient.

Each element of this Dashboard is designed to return specific signals such as Price Action, Breakout, Net Change (performance of the instrument), algorithmic studies, correlations and statistical calculations.


The Volume Scalping Dashboard is a new instrument very fast and suitable for a short-term operation.

This Expert Advisor is designed to simplify the fast reading of the charts.

The expert is equipped with Automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit in order to speed up the trading operations. It is also possible to change these values in front of the panel very promptly.


The Price Action Dashboard is an innovative tool to help the trader to control a large number of financial instruments simultaneously.

This tool is designed to automatically suggest signals and price conditions.

The Dashboard analyzes all major Time Frames suggesting price action conditions with graphic elements.

The Dashboard can suggest you the strength of the trend identifying directional movement, it is an indispensable tool for those who want to open position themselves using market trends identifiers.